Organic seedlings
Pure and Simple
The growing , gardening, and germinating processes at Ourimbah Organics are being improved through experience and constant experimentation. Our horticultural practises adhere to organic principles (as outlined by the NASAA Organic Standard 06-02-2012) and are 'in-conversion' with NASAA as of the end of 2015. We believe that organic farming can produce the best quality at great yields and have set out to prove it!

Our farm has a large area for different stages of composting and mulching, as well as mixing tanks for creating different types of organic fertiliser. Our rich soil is enhanced with naturally occurring compounds and lots of our own compost as well as liquid 'teas'. Contact us to find out more. We offer our clients the chance to see exactly how and what we do.

We use the following products to control pests and diseases:

Yellow sticky traps (which do no harm to the native bees which pollinate our fruit!)
Eco-oil or Eco-Neem
Plain soap & water sprays
Bird netting
Organic fruit fly traps
Diluted Bi-Carb soda & water