Eggs are full of many nutrients. 
                They are a great source of protein, iron, vitamins A, D, and B, riboflavin, niacin, and thiamine. Free range chicken eggs are less likely to contain 
                harmful bacteria and their nutrient content is much higher! At Ourimbah Organics our chooks spend most of the day free ranging and are always well-fed 
                and happy!
Our seedlings are grown from organic seed suppliers (when we don't 
                have enough in our own seed bank). We always germinate more than we need so we normally have seedlings to sell at the beginning of each season of the 
                varieties we grow.
We can offer a mix of dried and fresh herbs. Our range of herbs is made up of 
                the following; Parsley, Coriander, Bay Leaves, Basil, Mint, and Rosemary.
Finger Lime plants are a native citrus shrub that produce small cylindrical fruit 
                that are each made up of a pulp of tiny pearls. The colour of the pulp varies according to the variety, but the taste is always a sensational citrus-burst of flavour. 
                Traditionally used as a garnish on seafood, it also works superbly in cocktails or with salads and desserts. If you have never tried one, you will be amazed at the 
                incredible taste and versitility of this wonderful fruit!
Our farm also offers up a moderate amount of citrus when in season. 
                Depending on availability, Ourimbah Organics can supply Limes, Lemons, Mandarins, and Blood Oranges. And if you've never seen a Buddha's Hand 
                citrus we'd be delghted to show you one!
Green beans are available in late Spring. We grow the 'Blue Lake' variety which 
                are tender and tasty enough to eat raw (but also just as good when cooked!). They are stringless and can also be frozen.
Tomatoes are rich in vitamins A and C, beta-carotene and potassium. They 
                are low in fat and kilojoules, high in fibre, and also contain lycopene (a powerful antioxidant). We are proud of the taste of our tomatoes and are sure you 
                will notice the difference in quality. We normally grow 3 different types of tomatoes. Red, round field tomatoes, and Tigerella and Black Cherry tomatoes 
                which are ideal for salad. Our favourite is the Black Cherry which is particularly sweet! Tomatoes are available from the beginning of December.
Lebanese Cucumbers are thin-skinned and don't make you burp. They also 
                taste lovely and make for an essential part of any Summer salad. Our cucumbers are timed to be available in January.
Capsicums are high in vitamin C content. We have them available by 
                February and sell the standard bell-shaped ones ripe when they are still sweet and green. We also grow a bullhorn variety which we sell red. It has a slight peppery 
                bite when eaten raw.
We grow the 'Hales Best' variety of rockmelon and usually have them 
                available by mid-Summer. They have a slightly green-coloured rind and very sweet orange flesh.
Ruby chard is the type of silverbeet we grow. It has bright dark red stalks in 
                contrast to its lovely green leaves. It is very popular because of both its taste and appearance. We grow it twice a year so it is available Spring and also in Autumn.
Lettuce is great for you and goes with almost anything! We grow Cos lettuce during 
                Autumn and Winter in 2 greenhouses because of its demand.
Rocket is a great addition for many dishes because it is slightly spicey. It is available 
                during Autumn and Winter.
Kale's popularity has returned and it we have it available throughout Autumn and 
                Winter. The type we grow is 'Cavolo Nero', also known as Tuscan or Dinosaur kale.
We are fortunate enough to be able to offer parsley in the cooler months due to our
                greenhouse space. We grow the Italian or continental variety which is aromatic and has a lovely rich taste.
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